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Alternate Ways to Browse This Site

Now that I have everything pretty much organized the way I want it, this site is a bit too large to browse the traditional way. Here are some ways to categorize this site that will allow you to peak into my past a little bit. If you ever have some spare time, you may find this of interest.

Music Category – Both finished and unfinished songs.. a way to reduce the site to just music and playable files.
LJ Category – Old pictures, including our New Hampshire and Alaska vacations.
Snapshots Category – Sick of me blabbing? Tired of reading about linux? This is a way to reduce my blog to nothing but photos.
Video Category – YouTube videos, mostly of my child.

‘Bio’ Tag – A list of posts I have written that tell an artist’s life story.
‘Animals’ Tag – Posts relating to animals, most of them being images of my pets.
‘Photog’ Tag – Tags where I mention techniques related to photography. May contain insights/tips.
‘Favorites’ Tag – This is a subsection of my snapshots category that contains my favorite photos.
‘Linkfest’ Tag – Posts containing a lot of links to other sites/articles/videos.
‘Facts’ Tag – Facts gathered from a variety of locations. A good series on this site.

Site Modifications, New WordPress, Yard Work

I did a bunch of work on the theme/look of this website yesterday. As soon as I was finished with that, I saw that WordPress had upgraded to version 3.0. So, I upgraded this site, my wife’s site, and the earsauce site. Then I ran a backup on my server. That all took a bit of time. I wish I would have thought ahead and done these mindless upgrades during game 7 of the NBA Finals last night. I made some changes to this site that are quite noticeable. I think the new darker matting for the photos really helps, especially with black&white images. I think I enhanced readability and simplicity of the site by moving the author/tag information to the top of every post and getting rid of some unnecessary horizontal rules. I really need a banner across the top to finish it off.

We bought a wooden planter and put in a few sun-hardy flowers on our front steps. The bushes/ivy out front need to be trimmed, and I am hoping to do that this evening when it’s nice and cool.

Nerding Out

I was on such a roll yesterday. I accomplished so many nerdy things that I never thought I’d have the ability to accomplish.

First, I exported all my old livejournal entries and converted them to WordPress posts. This was all handled within WordPress and was all automated. There are some minor issues pertaining to formatting and some other things, but I’m all done! My old pictures (2005-2008) can be seen in the lj category: here. There are pictures from my wedding/honeymoon, new hampshire, all kinds of good stuff. It even imported all the old comments. Pretty happy about that.

It’s interesting for me to see that, in many ways, I had no idea how to edit/optimize photos back in 2005-06, but I still managed to post a lot of good shots. I think that’s because my original Nikon “coolpix” e5700 was able to do so many things on its own. Excellent macro support, RAW support, and a movable screen with live view made it a perfect “starter” camera. I often wonder what would have happened to my interest in photography if I had gotten a different camera at the time. I definitely miss being able to shoot in macro mode.

After that I spent quite a bit of time trying to understand style.css sheets and how all the different .php files come together to make all my pages/categories on this blog. I have a very simple layout on here, so I think I may have actually learned how it all works. I changed the sidebar on the right, gave it a grey background and got rid of the dividing line between the main section (here) and the sidebar (over to the right). I also took forever to make that custom search bar with no “search” button to click, and made a few pics for my “about me” section. A few steps in the right direction. Now I just need a banner at the top, and a few other things. This is easier than I thought. I’ve been so scared to edit anything (last time I learned anything about HTML, style sheets were not in use, and now they determine the entire look of your site) that I’ve avoided it all, maybe a bit too much.

Then, since I was on a roll, I looked up ways to make Ubuntu faster and ended up editing 4 config files (blindly trusting some people’s blog posts and forum responses I found via Google). Still up and running in Linux, so I didn’t break anything… I don’t think. I’m starting to drink the Linux cool aid a little bit. It breaks down to two basic things for me. First, you are immune to everything Windows isn’t. Shady website? Might have viruses? No big deal, I’m immune to all viruses in Linux. Second, if you care enough, you can make Linux do anything you want. For instance, when I receive an instant message (AIM service), my computer reads my messages aloud to me. It took a lot of work, but I hooked my AIM client through the “accessibility” text-to-speech synthesizer. In Linux, you have unfettered access to even the most sensitive files, so you can always fix whatever is wrong. If you care enough.

I started off trying to learn how to modify this crap so I can get my wife’s blog (in the works) going, and in the process of learning how to do a few things, I took a 6-8hr detour and worked on my own site all day.


We are buried in snow. I just took my final measurement of the night–22½ inches. It is still snowing a little bit, so we will probably get to 23 inches falling in the span of 26 hours. For this area, that might as well be eight feet. We are going to try to get a few pictures of Stephen in the snow tomorrow. It is very hard to even take the dogs out in the current conditions.

Spent a good portion of time upgrading WordPress to version 2.9 today. This doesn’t change my blog to the reader but just how I use it as “Administrator.” There is something that comes with WordPress called Akismet. This little plugin collects data from all the other blogs about which comments are “spam,” and deletes them automatically for you. You have the ability to review them… blogs really get a lot of these things; here is a good example:

Hey this was potentially one of the most intelligent posts I’ve had the chance to go over on the subject so far. I don’t have any idea where you get all of your information but keep it coming! I am gunna send a few individuals to this site to check this out. Fantastic, simply fantastic. I’m have just started getting into writing articles myself, nothing remotely close to your writing skills (doh) but I’d love for you to check out my work in progress someday!

…Followed by some sort of link to a used item for sale. The thing that really makes it funny is that it is linked to a post of mine with no words.

Lots of things are just random encouragement in poor english:

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I will refer it to my friends.


Then if you click the person’s name it takes you to some whey protein sales site. Broken English is throughout:

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So weird. I also wonder how many of these are related to mechanical turk.

WordPress, Sickness, Weekend

I installed a lot of WordPress plugins this weekend, and am sorting through several more. For starters, if I link to a Wikipedia Article or a YouTube Video, the information can be brought up simply by hovering over the icon next to the links. Sleek. Modern.

Jaime and I have both been sick all weekend, but we did at least sell her old Honda. Back down to two cars. Mine needs some work, but not nearly the $2000 we got for the Honda. It doesn’t seem like Stephen is sick, although he has a runny nose twice a day.

Just playing around with links and stuff, I was trying to find a picture of my guitar, but I can’t find one that looks exactly right. Maybe mine is just more beat up than most of the pictures I found. The sunburst is far more subtle on mine.

Also, let’s see what happens when I link to a picture off of Jaime’s Flickr.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

ps–Started a new song yesterday morning. A clip:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.