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When Ostriches Attack

June 19, 2011

Violince – New Song

violince by evan valentine (all instruments by me)

Sandwich in the Sky

Stephen was awake for 8 hours yesterday. Yup, “awake.” That means I did this:

sandwich in the sky (unfinished2) by evanvale

Not finished, of course (nothing ever is), but starting to sound nice. I would recommend skipping halfway through (by clicking the middle of the song after you hit play) to hear the real build. The first half is naked. I’m going to wait for Steve to help me with lyrics and such.

I guess I’ve caught the music bug once again. I love when this happens.

The Demoscene Documentary

I know it hasn’t been long since my last post about the demoscene, but here is a trailer for The Demoscene Documentary. Certainly nothing exciting, but it’s still cool to me that the demoscene is still alive in a slightly different form.

The demo they used as an example features a track from md/kschzt (1, 2, 3, 4). He was a huge influence on my music and I even own an “appelsap” t-shirt that I still wear. The person being interviewed is one of my favorite artists fthr (1, 2, 3). He was the first person I knew of that did impressive things with photoshop.

Setting up my RSS reader has made me follow a lot more people on twitter. That, in turn, has made me privy to a bunch of useless information. Kind of fun, kind of a waste?

Stephen Feeds his Snacks to Chloe

May 14, 2010

Pogo is Back

Pogo (otherwise known as “that kid who cuts up scenes from Disney movies and makes songs out of them”) is back, with a real-world mix of 100% original samples. The subject: his mother and her pretty garden.

Official Pogo Channel
Unofficial Pogo Music
(previous songs that have been taken down)

In the words of my friend Adam: “This kid is annoying. Everything he does is perfect.” After seeing all those beautiful camera shots, I agree that this guy has too much talent. Everything he does is so ethereal, atmospheric, and professional. I wonder how he made the video. It looks like some really nice lenses, so it’s probably a digital camera that can shoot video also.

Stephen certainly is mesmerized as soon as the lady comes on screen. This is one video that he watched the whole way through.

Edit: I don’t know why I said that Pogo is “back,” considering he never went anywhere.

Demoscene — Alive and Well

I grew up on the demoscene, though I never participated. When I was 13 years old, I would dial in to a BBS that had ftp capability so I could download demos and songs off In its most basic form, a “demo” is an executable file that shows off the graphics/programming/music talents of a group of people that form a “demogroup”. It can be any visual effects/themes imaginable, synced to music. Demos have been around for over 20 years on all platforms of computers. About a week ago, I was curious to see if the demoscene was still alive, and it is still alive and well (mostly in the EU, just like when I was a kid).

Demos were always “cutting edge” as far as technology was concerned. People were programming 3d effects in their demos well before computer games were using 3d textures and shadowing effects. The average user could not run the current day’s demos when they were first released due to not owning the most current model of CPU/graphics card. Nowadays, the visual effects/animation world has completely caught up to the demoscene as far as visual effects go. Special effects producers can now do all the things that programmers could do. This has really made the demoscene less relevant, in my opinion.

One thing that continues to be fresh about the demoscene, though, is the file-size limitations. There are categories for 64k, 4k, and 1kb filesizes. This places a limit on the total size of the demo (including textures, music, graphics, and coding). For instance, this demo has a file size of 1k:

Untraceable by TBC (2009)

That entire video, including the song, is generated on a PC from a .exe that is 1024 bytes (smaller than the size of this post). These days, it’s all about exploiting tricks in people’s graphics cards. Even though it has a very small file size, it has very steep system requirements to run this file. There are even competitions who can make the best PC Game at different file sizes. All downloads are free and can be found at

Some more demos with small file sizes:

4k – Elevated by RGBA and TBC (2009)
4k – nasa by Still(2010)
128bytes – spongy by TBC (2009)
32bytes – matisse by orbitaldecay (2010)
1k – Tracie by TBC (2007)
4k – Sincere by TBC (2008)

Some Unrelated Items

Stephen figured out how to scroll down a webpage today. On this laptop, you can scroll by dragging down with two fingers on the touchpad (like a mac). So he dragged his hand across the touchpad and the web site moved. Well, this made him extremely happy, so I started guiding him, showing him how to scroll up and down. Everything was going well–it was a cute little moment–until he snatched my left Shift key in one motion. He completely removed it and was chewing on it within a second. He also removed my left Ctrl a few days ago. Fortunately, a replacement keyboard is about 11 bucks for this laptop.

We went hiking yesterday with Russ and his sister. I didn’t attempt any time-consuming landscape photos, but I did get some shots of Stephen playing on the path up the mountain. He is on the ground playing with a little stick and there is a huge, distant landscape behind him. Some cute stuff. I can’t get them off my camera until I fix/rebuild my computer, though. Also, when I got home and looked through the photos, I realized that every shot was under-exposed by 2 stops. My camera had switched to some “custom” setting that automatically adjusts exposure time to be 2 stops too dark. So instead of getting a proper exposure at 1/500s, it was shooting everything in 1/2000s. Pretty pissed about that. I had to reset all settings to factory default to clear the “custom function.”

Apparently a lot of people are going to be here tomorrow afternoon. Tonight and tomorrow morning we have to clean, clean, clean. I am trying to set up Jaime’s old desktop computer with Ubuntu to replace Eric’s dying computer. Lots of other people are coming over to play SNES and eat pizza.

A good article on Usain Bolt. There is a lot of hype in sports. Among still-active athletes, we are supposed to believe that:

These are just claims that I have heard mentioned directly. People like to indirectly claim things about LeBron James too, but I have never heard of anyone coming out and challenging Michael Jordan’s “greatest ever” status directly.

Is it really possible that all the greatest athletes in history are alive and active right now? Doubtful. Usain Bolt, however, is not hype. All “what if” discussions aside, he is the fastest man in history. And he doesn’t even care.

Some good music-related youtube vids.

Skip James – Crow Jane
Roscoe Holcomb – Little Birdie and Graveyard Blues
Bluegrass Jam in Brookline 2
Leadbelly – Only footage to survive of the legendary Leadbelly
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs – need I say more?

The Lakes of Pontchartrain

Great Irish ballad. Maybe my favorite. The Lakes of Pontchartrain is thought to have originated from Irish immigrants in the South during the American Civil War. The Irish melody also could have been brought over by the hired British soldiers in the South, where the story involving an immigrant and a “Creole girl” would later be affixed to the classic melody. Lake Pontchartrain is in Louisiana, and is the second-largest saltwater lake in the U.S. This is a great version of the song. The singing is spot-on and the two musicians are perfectly in-sync from start to finish. Paul’s choice of hairstyle/glasses frames is rather unfortunate, though.

Paul Brady and Andy Irvine in 1977
Song Lyrics

Evan Valentine – Complete Discography

I mentioned some time ago that a lot of my music is hosted on, and that I would get to the details later. Well, later is now. Or.. now is later. I’m confused.

Netlabels release material under Creative Commons licenses. This means that the author can determine how his music (or video, or book) is licensed. Typically it is released as “Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative” which means you are free to share the music–spread it far and wide as long as you give the author credit and do not use it for commercial purposes. This means that people can take my songs and burn 100 copies to CD if they like, as long as they do not sell the CDs for profit or use them for commercial gain (use them as the soundtrack to a film, for instance). In the unlikely event that someone ‘stole’ my songs for commercial use, I could sue and it would be upheld in court, even though I have not pursued an actual copyright. Not to mention, I have the source material for all my songs and could prove that I composed them.

I followed the custom of releasing material as albums, though they are not actual albums. I will list them here in chronological order, with a bit of explanation. All the following music is non-dance electronic music. The whole genre is really esoteric and not for everyone. Although I started making music in 1996, all of this “released” material is from 2001 and beyond (there’s good reason for that).

Ekiv EP – several short, intense tracks from my first year living with Jaime in Athens. Most of the percussion sounds on here were sampled by me (smash two things together and call it a snare drum)

Fish Food EP – more laid back, more lush sounds

Safety Glass EP – back to rough, harsh sounds. I think this is my best release

Sinister Device LP – full-length (about 50minute) release that has over 15,000 downloads. “The public’s” favorite release of mine. Lots of help from friends on this one.

Millions Never Tried EP (with e-sin) – cooperative album with a friend of mine. The latest (and most mature) of my releases. I love the first two tracks, along with “Seren.” (The link below plays the songs out of order, so scratch that previous statement)

Plus there are several more songs (of different types) on my personal music page, and several “leaked” tracks on different file-sharing networks.

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