Note: If you do not already know who I am, then you are advised to turn back now, lest ye die of boredom. This is not the blog of someone who is trying to become a famous blogger. This is meant as a memory bank for our future and as a way for our out-of-town families to keep up with the goings-on around here. I am increasingly bothered by the permanence of the internet, particularly in regard to children who have no choice in the matter. As a result, I intend to keep things pretty matter-of-fact.

Shucking Corn at Home

June 17, 2012

Our New Basement

One side of it anyway

First Mini Golf

June 02, 2012

Things to Report

There are things to report.

Stephen’s just starting speech therapy. His diagnosis is within a very specific part of language development, so that’s good. He has no problem understanding words, “saying” words, answering questions, combining words, and making complete sentences. He just has a problem figuring out how to move his tongue in order to say/do all these things. So basically, when he goes off on a tangent of gibberish, he’s actually saying a real, well-formed sentence according to the therapist. He’s just saying it wrong. Quite wrong.

Henry walks all over. He can squat and get up from the floor without using his hands. Still loves The Wiggles. Still loves to eat. He doesn’t look so fat anymore, just… robust. Henry is fun now. He loves his playroom; he can sort of clean up. He can play peekaboo and laugh at his rudimentary jokes.

The dogs are still adjusting to having a fenced-in yard. They’re just now staring to go out for extended periods, camping out in the shady spots across the yard. Come on, guys, it’s been six months now.

My wife and I watched all of The Wire in about 4 months. Still not sure what to think of it. I wasn’t too excited about most of it while we were watching (except season 4, which was fantastic all the way through), but looking back I remember it differently. I almost remember it like a novel as opposed to a TV show. So complicated and dialogue-driven, with a myriad of characters.

We’re in the middle of couple busy months of travel and visiting. Vacation in the mountains, visitors, trip to Georgia for a wedding, more visitors, trip to New Hampshire. Then we’re hosting Thanksgiving here and going to Georgia again for Christmas.

There. Some updates, anyway. I’m sure I’ve forgotten more than I’ve remembered. I still have pictures from early June to post (oops). Better get on that.

New Song Posted – Diploending [with adm]

diploending [with adm] by earsauce

Baby Swing

June 02, 2012


June 02, 2012

Group Shot – Vacation 2012

Smaller crowd this year.
June 01, 2012

First Taste

May 31, 2012

Three Candles

May 31, 2012