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Now that I have everything organized the way I want it, this site can be a bit too large to browse the traditional way. Here are some ways to categorize this site that will allow you to peak into my past a little bit. If you ever have some spare time, you may find this of interest.

Official Releases – Albums released either on netlabels, iTunes, or physical releases.
Music Category – Both finished and unfinished songs.. a way to reduce the site to just music and playable files. Some dead links from years back I’m sure.
LJ Category – Old pictures, including our New Hampshire and Alaska vacations.
Snapshots Category – Sick of me blabbing? Tired of reading about linux? This is a way to reduce my blog to nothing but photos.
Photo Wall – A running tally of my favorite blog photos, all on one page.
Video Category – YouTube videos, mostly of my children.

‘Bio’ Tag – A list of posts I have written that tell an artist’s life story.
‘Animals’ Tag – Posts relating to animals, most of them being images of my pets.
‘Photog’ Tag – Tags where I mention techniques related to photography. May contain insights/tips.
‘Favorites’ Tag – This is a subsection of my snapshots category that contains my favorite photos.
‘Facts’ Tag – Facts gathered from a variety of locations. A good series on this site.