An Unneeded Note

This is really more of a non-update. I have felt different ways about having this blog in the past 9 years. I went pretty far into it for a bit, signing up for adsense and creating content every day. Considering the most recent post is a recap of something that happened over 3 years ago, you can probably guess how I’m feeling about it right now.

When I was quitting work and we were starting a family, I really felt like I needed some type of diversion, something to do every day. How foolish of a notion that was. While we only had one child, I certainly had time to pursue content creation and pretty much anything else I wanted. I now have two children in school and one that is too young for school. And you know what I don’t have the time (okay I probably have time if that’s where I wanted to shift my focus again) or desire to do? This blog. Even the word is ridiculous. Blog.

I always hated the idea of facebook and never got an account. Why I decided this version of over-sharing was a proper alternative, I’ll never know. Part of the idea was to share the daily doings with my parents and grandparents, but my grandparents have all since passed and my parents have purchased a home in our neighborhood. Needless to say, my folks won’t have to turn online to find updates anymore. There’s also the idea of plastering my children all over the internet, and I’m no longer particularly keen on that. My oldest son is 8 and I feel we’re getting into shaky territory with that sort of thing. In the past year, I have quit most every [social] online activity and it has been rather nice. I’m living instead of sharing. For me, it has been the right move. I just read something a few minutes ago that said “I’m not sure if I should be putting my energy into facebook, twitter, instagram, or living a meaningful life.” That’s sort of where I’m at now, except I’m sure and I’m not being facetious. I’ve been ‘into computers’ since about 1990, and I still am, but the internet is not really panning out as a legitimate way to interact with fellow humans. (I realize this is not a new concept or a nuanced position to be taking.)

So if you want to know how my day was, just ask me. It won’t hurt.

On a more technical note, I’m currently redeploying my server and am leaving this blog behind with it. It’s been fun or something. Bye now. For anyone who really cares, it has been put into the wayback machine at, as well as every other thing on the internet. Creepy.

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