July 2014

The main event from this month was a stay at Wilderness at the Smokies in Tennessee for my Grandmother’s 90th birthday. Nearly all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren made it and we stayed for a long weekend. It went as well as we could have hoped, which was nice. Henry is a flight risk and hotel rooms are not very good at being able to lock you in. Turning the handle from the inside of the room automatically unlocks the door. So we had to use the chain and it was constantly being pulled on and banged around. My daughter was up for 3 hours one night. I walked the halls of the hotel for what seemed like forever in flip flops while my daughter was in a front harness. I ended up hurting my foot from all the barefoot walking with the added weight. It feels better some days but then the pain comes back.

Overall it was a good trip (“within driving distance” is extremely helpful for us) and it was great to be there to support my grandmother on her 90th birthday. We took over the back room of a restaurant for the birthday celebration. I felt bad for the other people who were stuck with us for that lunch. The indoor water park at the Wilderness at the Smokes was cool. I was a fan.

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