April 2014

We finally moved the couch out of the house. When the new couches came, we just sort of moved the old couch into “the other room.” Then we jumped and played on it for a couple months before having it hauled away. I saved a couple of cushions from the old couch and placed them around for dog beds. There are two beside the couches and one beside the piano. We got a new bed and new couches in the past year, and have enacted the “no dogs on the couches or beds” rule. So far it’s not working so well. Chloe sleeps on the couch every night. First thing I do is kick her off the couch in the morning.

Jaime’s father had a sudden business trip he needed to take to our area, so his wife came along and my kids got to see their Nana and PopPop for a few days. Just some good catching up.

We had Easter alone this year (read: no family in town) and it went pretty well. We dressed the kids up and arragned a self-taken family picture. We had a Easter egg hunt for the boys (mostly Stephen, as the video shows), and we successfully dyed eggs without help from a single grandparent!

We had some people over for a “watch bad movies and laugh” event at our house. During this event, M.V. astutely supposed that maybe Barry is a female Betta and not a “Barry” after all. Although the Betta is not mature yet, I do believe M.V. is right. I sort of mockingly asked Stephen what we should name Barry if it was a girl, since Stephen is notoriously bad with naming things. Guess what?! He came up with a pretty good name! Sally! Barry is Sally now. We’re pretty sure. He said he came up with the name based on The Cat in the Hat.

We moved the garden outside. Now, in all honesty, it’s not much of a garden by now. A lot of the plants sprouted from the dirt pods and then promptly perished indoors. We moved some stuff outside into the raised beds, and we re-planted a lot of the seeds and updated the garden legend/guide.

Not much else going on. Still trying to get used to the “new routine,” which is having a baby in the house and my wife at work. We are getting back into it but it really hampers our ability to go anywhere! The baby is still really good at being a baby. The boys are cruising through preschool.

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