November 2013

The first thing I remember from this month is voting. We had some local and state elections – one of only 2 or 3 governors races in the country this year. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that we had one of the worst governors contests in history. It was the classic “douche vs. turd sandwich” decision featured on my favorite-ever episode of South Park. The Daily Show (among others) talked about our governors race a lot. It was a choice between an extremist conservative candidate who has compared birth control to abortion and his fraudulent, corrupt, more-than-likely inept opposition who was a walking negative ad.

We finally saw Bill Burr on the 7th. I’m proud to say I see more live comedians per year than I do movies in the theater. The set was great. One of the best I’ve seen, especially in a theater setting (as opposed to the DC Improv, where nearly every set is fantastic due to the atmosphere). I thought his most recent hour-long special was a dip in quality so I was worried. However, I was not disappointed.

My parents stopped through quickly earlier in the month on their way up and down the east coast. Then they came back the day before Thanksgiving to begin the Official Baby Watch 2013. Our current situation is that we have no family or close friends with kids nearby. This means that anything other than 4-8 hours of babysitting falls under the category of “too much to ask of your friends.” Going to the hospital for a scheduled c-section certainly means you are going to be gone for more than 4-8 hours. In the event that the baby came early (as both of our other children did), we needed someone here who could watch our children for 2-5 days. Once my parents arrived (three weeks before the due date), we could relax and know that our children could be watched without complication if Charlotte decided to come early.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My immediate family was all here, which is pretty rare these days. I felt pretty bad for Billy, who stayed a long time (more than a week), didn’t get to see the baby, and had to get home 600 miles by himself on public transportation and a MegaBus.

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