October 2013

Henry is fully into the preschool routine by now. He loves getting on the bus and he hates getting off (read: he loves the bus more than he loves me). His teacher comes to the house once a week. His teacher says he is lucky to get the best, most caring bus drivers at the school. The bus drivers say he is lucky to have the best teacher in our county. The members of the school staff are having a love-fest (with kickbacks).

Two months ago, we had no kids in preschool, and it was bliss. Now we have two kids in preschool and are all sick. All the time. When I say we all got sick, what that generally means is that the boys were sick for 1-2 days and my wife and I were sick for 1-2 weeks. Before we can even get over the previous cold, the boys move on to the next sickness.

This past Tuesday (29th) was a tough one. Both boys were sick and the guys came to start our bathroom. The first days of this construction are especially loud as it involves drilling into concrete (framing) or jackhammering the concrete to install the additional drainage pump.

The first week of October ruined my no air conditioning edict. When it’s a high of almost 90 with excruciating humidity, the idea of saving money goes out the window for a couple of days. To break the heat, we needed a cold front with a little rain. And by “a little rain,” I mean an ungodly amount of rain that shut down streets and flooded our basement. I was very fortunate to discover the leak in our foundation just as it was starting. It was on the unfinished half of the basement in which I rarely step foot. We were cleaning up the paint/painting supplies from Charlotte’s room and I went in there and heard some water trickling. Fortunately I was able to contain it in the unfinished half of the basement with three hours of hard work. It would have been much worse if I wasn’t able to throw one of those flexible plastic tubes on the offending downspout to push the rainwater about 8ft from our house before it seeped into the ground. I did that in the worst part of the rainstorm; I had to steal one off of one of the other downspouts.

It’s been getting cold at night, so we gave the fireplace insert its inaugural fire on the 26th. I love it. It’s basically 400lbs of cast iron with a fire enclosed. The whole unit heats up and then a fan blows across it (not through it, or else it would blow smoke into the house) and forces hot air into the room. It seems to be really efficient. The inside is lined with 1″ thick ceramic tile for insulation, so the thing stays hot for a while after the fire has died.

Stephen continues to grow up. He is ordering his own food at restaurants, complete with water to drink. One of the things I like about his preschool is that you are supposed to bring healthy snacks (there is a snack co-op and we all take turns) and the children are only permitted to drink water. In fact I like this so much that it makes me a little bitter when I walk in and there are cupcakes because it is someone’s birthday.

On Sunday the 27th, we went to a church down the street for a “Trunk or Treat” Halloween thing with moon bounces and the like. It’s a good thing we did that, because the boys were sick the next week, including Halloween day. Fortunately Stephen didn’t really care and still has a huge bucket of candy from Truck or Treat.

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