June 2013

What a month! Good times, got a lot done, and my wife isn’t sick anymore. Started the month with my family in town for a weekend. We put a bunk bed (two “full” mattresses) in Stephen’s room and put up some big boy artwork. The plan is to get Henry into the bottom bunk by the time the new baby will need Henry’s crib. Given Henry Houdini’s specific circumstances, this will no doubt prove difficult.

Speaking of Henry, he is doing better. He pays attention when you say his name or a few key words (smoothie, your chair, shoes, outside). He still does things that drive me bonkers like try to escape the house 100x a day or chew his toenails at the dinner table. He broke the ivory off one of the piano keys last week… with his teeth. But he’s generally happy, which is a new thing for him and us. Suddenly he’s full of smiles and laughter. Sure is a lot more fun that it used to be.

I tried getting rid of Stephen’s nap entirely but it did not work out. Eleven to twelve hours of sleep a night isn’t enough for him I guess. Stephen is into his own imagination. We played Super Metroid for an hour yesterday while Henry slept and then Stephen acted it out for about four hours after that. He didn’t help me make dinner because he “still had one big guy to beat.” He sets up missiles and traps/lava throughout the room. He does the item get music when he finds an energy tank or some missiles. He does this with everything; another favorite is to act out the Granny Smith mobile app. We are looking into preschool this Fall for Stephen. I’m not crazy about the idea because it’s my last year to have him all to myself. He is a lot of fun and down for anything — helping make dinner, fixing things, going to get the mail, taking walks, even cleaning up. He makes my tea for me every morning (almost) by himself. But in the end I know he will have fun and the social aspect of it is probably important, especially since my children are a bit more isolated than most. Really I need to stop being selfish.

I took a stricter stance on some things after we got back from vacation. I’ve reduced TV watching to about an hour a day if you count YouTube playlists, and I have eliminated desserts after lunch. My wife still thinks it’s unnecessary (read: I’m being mean) but she usually comes around to my ideas. Usually. I figure this is my last chance to establish this routine before it really is a shock to them. It’s gone over very well with the kiddos, especially the TV part. Stephen whined about lunch desserts for about a week and there’s been no mention of it since.

I’ve had at least two camping trips fall through this year, so Stephen and I “camped out” in the back yard one Friday night in June. It was so much fun. He loved everything, but mostly he loved to fiddle with the fire and throw stuff in it. Of course. We dug a small hole and had a fire pit going. We made s’mores and used flashlights. We lasted until 3:30am when we woke up in shivers and came inside. I really didn’t expect it to get down to 52 degrees in late June.

Steve and I synced up our “works in progress” music folders with BitTorrent Sync. The software is still in the alpha stage but I give it an A+. Free, cross-platform, decentralized. Now we can work on songs and the changes will upload to the other person’s computer. No need to wait and meet up. When you’re working with 20+ .wav files in a song, you can’t just email the changes to the other person. The source content for a single song can easily climb above 3gb. earsauce is back, hopefully. To stay on the planned schedule of one album every five years we have to be done by the end of 2015. Sounds far away but it’s daunting. We have three finished songs and about five more that are almost finished. After that, blank slate for the rest of the album. Should be fun.

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