April 2013

My children are playing together. All the time. It’s a bit overdue because Henry has taken a long time to reach out. Stephen sets up cushions on the floor and they take turns pushing each other off the couch onto the cushions. They play certain games of chase that are more ritual than game. They play games upstairs that involve opening and closing doors, going in and out of rooms in the same order, over and over. I think a lot of the delay is that Stephen took a while to cater every aspect of every game to Henry, which is necessary at this point. It results in other things like them nicely sharing an iPod Touch without getting upset at each other. Another thing that was overdue: we went to Cox Farms for the first time this month. That place is great, and they supposedly have the best Fall Festival around. We’ve been going to Pumpkinville for the past couple of years and I don’t know how anything could be better than that. Cox Farms is a little closer, too, and closer to my in-laws.

Winter stayed late and Spring came all at once. Stephen has been suffering from tree pollen allergies (I think) for five days now. He seems to be getting better. Tree pollen season doesn’t last long, and it has rained for two days straight. Edit: No, Stephen just got us all sick like usual.

A dumb technical gripe is that my setup for editing pictures isn’t quite right and it’s causing me to white balance everything incorrectly. If the lights in the room are “warm” then you will edit everything too “cool” to compensate. Then I go upstairs and check the pictures on my blog and everyone’s skin is purple/blue. Hmmm.. not good. The solutions are: 1) Properly calibrate my monitor in the dark. This was very easy before the advent of flat panel monitors. Now it’s a pain. 2) Edit all of my pictures in the dark with the windows covered. Both of those things are an inconvenience at most and I need to do them.

My wife has a new car. Actually, we didn’t want to take the kids down to the Toyota dealership for three hours, so I had a friend drive me down and I did the paperwork myself. So technically I have a new car. It’s a 2012 Prius C and just as promised, my wife got about 500 miles on the first tank (9.5 gallons).

My favorite part of this house is the wild area in the back of our property where rabbits live. It’s officially Spring now because baby rabbits are everywhere. One of the adults somehow got inside our fenced area and I let the dogs out. Those dogs didn’t have a chance. The rabbit was Eric Dickerson and the dogs were a highschool football defense. After the speedy bunny did about three laps around the yard, it forced its way under the screening on the fence and hopped to freedom.

Nothing else to report unless I want to focus on minutia. There were birds trying to nest in our dryer which is on the second floor of our house. I got a fire-proof safe bolted to the basement floor because I’m paranoid. Hope all is well with everyone.

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