March 2013

Snow. In the Winter? No. In Spring? Yes. Twice, maybe. Still no snow removal required.

We had visitors. My cousin Sean came for 3-4 days as part of his spring break. We recorded hillbilly music every night. My parents and one of my brothers came for Easter weekend because we combined Easter and Henry’s birthday party. We got a new bed for our room which meant we had to shuffle beds throughout the house. Bed in the basement came up to the spare room. Bed in our bedroom went down to the basement. New bed went into our room.

Henry turned 2 this month. We gave him a bunch of peanut butter stuff on his birthday… not sure he even tried any of it. Threw it on the floor mostly. We did his real party on Easter. We did Easter stuff in the morning and Henry’s birthday stuff in the afternoon with all of his grandparents and his Uncle Billy. He, uh, well, let’s just say he’s too young to hate birthdays. But he does.

Some friends of ours gave us a used set of kids drums. We are slowly figuring out how to tune them and set them up, and Stephen loves them. My parents gave the boys a trampoline for Christmas, and we went and bought it and set it up Easter weekend. We’ve jumped on it every day and I’ve been sore for days now. My shoulders, neck, and core. Stephen is doing very well overall. Every week after speech therapy, we go to the indoor Burger King playground. He’s a pro at it and always helps all the bigger kids get through it. Last week there was a seven year old that was scared to go up into the tunnel system, and Stephen showed him around up there. He is always excited to see if “his kids” are there at the playground and he interacts very well with them. Then, when we leave, he says “Bye, Kids!”

Just about done messing with this site. I had grand ideas six months ago when I paid 35 bucks for this theme. Now I just spent half a day trying to fix it so it would let me use some of the presets. Oh well. Looks decent for now. I’ve totally killed comments and tried to get rid of all reference to the date something was posted (since my posts are so far behind anyway, you may as well get your information from the photo caption).

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