December 2012

We did something two nights ago that we haven’t done in a long time: we took both children to a restaurant. And it wasn’t horrible. Henry (aka The Blond Tornado) is double trouble. He only has one speed and it’s destroy. Basically we have a 21-month-old who is as big as a three year old and acts like a baby. He weighs 32 pounds and can only say mama sometimes with intense coaching. It’s…. interesting? Challenging? And honestly a little bit worrisome. We tried to take the kids to see Santa on Saturday at 4:30pm, but the line was too long (shocking). We immediately gave up and took the kids to the playground, and eventually ended up at Red Robin. Then we went back the next morning before Santa even opened and parked near the front of the line. Much better.

Stephen has been doing speech therapy for close to six months and the difference is pretty amazing. Yesterday my wife was unbuckled in the car for a moment, turned around trying to get the movie to play. The moment she put the dvd back in, Stephen began admonishing her. “Okay, mama. It’s fixed. Put your seatbelt back on.” Of course this is a two-edged sword. He constantly says whatever and rolls his eyes. He called me an asshole the other day (that one I can rightfully blame on the wife). Yesterday we told Stephen he could have a toy if he did a nice smile with Santa and didn’t stick his tongue out or do the white power fist. He cooperated to a small extent. He earned a toy. Jaime bought him this take-apart toy truck with a power drill and a few screwdriver/nutdriver adapters. He’s been taking apart his truck and putting it back together ever since.

Other things happened. We hosted a decent sized Thanksgiving… my immediate family, Jaime’s parents, a friend of their family. Pretty good food too, probably because I only made one food item. The Mercado/Lynch wedding happened. It was nice, especially me setting up the squeaking chairs. My best man toast at that wedding happened. I only obsessed about it for a week leading up to it like a crazy person. My parents came up for the weekend to watch our children (and our home, pets, etc) which was a lifesaver.

Today is one year since we moved into this house. We had moved some other stuff in the days leading up to the 17th, but this was the first day we slept in the house. Speaking of that, my parents also came up for that weekend a year ago which was a lifesaver.

We are leaving for Georgia in five days. Having Christmas down there with my family. Should hopefully be all of my cousins in the same room at the same time — twice in one year!

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