November 2012

Welp, I got poison ivy again. Fortunately it’s much easier to control when a) it’s cool temperatures outside and b) you’re at home. Skipped showers for a few days and kept my skin dry with rubbing alcohol (ouch). First time I was ever able to act like an adult and not scratch.

I’m slowly morphing the format and theme of this site. I’m posting larger resolution photos now and I plan to only do short monthly updates such as this.

As you know, Henry has been a challenging baby. It’s been a long road, but suddenly Henry is a pretty charming fellow. No more banging his head on the floor. I haven’t given him any Tylenol in a couple of weeks which is unprecedented. He’s a wild man and gets into everything, but it’s the usual 20-month-old stuff. I can handle that. He has a mouth full of teeth so maybe he’s not in pain anymore.

Stephen is completely potty trained, though there are still accidents here and there while he sleeps. No diapers. No pull-ups. Ever. His talking is getting better too. Suddenly he’s into his toys. One day it’ll be his trucks talking to each other (and inevitably fighting)… the next day it’s his stuffed animals. Nap time also seems to be a thing of the past. Some days I just put the gates up so Stephen can’t go anywhere except the living room and bathroom; then I take a nap on the couch while Henry naps upstairs. Sometimes Stephen joins me for a nap on the couch but usually he just watches movies.

Hurricane Sandy may have only knocked our power out of service for 40 minutes, but it also knocked three trees down. I also had two dead trees still standing that needed to be removed. That makes 8 trees that have fallen in less than a year of living here–two of them smashed our fence.

Anyway, things are going very well. My family will be here for five days next week and we’re all going to my parents’ house for Christmas.

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