October 2012

Stephen has worn regular old underwear to bed for the past five nights, and he’s been accident-free for four of those nights. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Speaking of light, my wife and I woke up at 4am to the sounds of Stephen “playing trucks” in his playroom with all of the upstairs lights on. Turns out he had gotten up and gone to the bathroom on his own (in the correct place) and decided it was time to wake up. He even went back to bed nicely and easily once I informed him that it was “still night time.”

Things have been getting out of hand with Henry lately. My wife helped me realize that I’ve been waiting too long for Henry to turn the corner and get past all of these hard phases. We changed things this weekend and are now using twice as many baby gates. Now I can keep Henry away from the stairs and out of the kitchen. I can also keep my guitar on the main floor but still out of harm’s way. Henry just can’t handle all the freedom that Stephen has always had, and I haven’t been acting accordingly. So for now we have baby gates up all over the place and half of our doors are locked by default to keep the little monkey at bay.

Stephen has been in speech therapy for about four months and the difference is astounding. Now we can see how much he knows. He corrected his mother the other day by saying “Actually, …” The doctor also recommended that we take Henry to speech therapy because he’s nineteen months and says nothing but “Ma.” This seems to be a thing with us.

We’ve had a lot of visits in the past few weeks. My cousins came into town for the Woody Guthrie centennial concert at the Kennedy Center. My parents stopped by on their way north and then on their way back home. It’s been a month since we got back from vacation and I’m finally starting to sort through the pictures.

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