I feel like we can finally start to live here. We’re done, for the most part. For nearly a year now we’ve been living in the future. If only we could find a house. If only we could get packed. If only we could get to the closing. If only we could get our stuff moved. If only we could get a fence. If only we could get someone to rent our townhouse and get that taken care of, then we’d be settled. If only we could get the playground delivered and assembled.

One of the first things we did when we moved here was buy an office desk for the front room. It was a disaster. It took months for a replacement piece to get delivered. Then it wasn’t delivered and we purchased another entire desk, swapped out some parts, and brought the second one back. Eventually we received a full refund for both desks we purchased, and we had the desk assembled and looking great. Today we finally redeemed our refund (in the form of a gift card) for that desk, bringing the whole thing full circle. Free desk. Nearly free desk chair. Ahhh. Relax.

So now there are no more excuses. Today I even did yard work for for a few hours. Can’t procrastinate any longer due to some move-in project or another that needs attention.

Stephen has gone two days now, wearing underwear all day (when awake) and not having any accidents. Things are slowly progressing in that department. We took both of the boys to the doctor for standard wellness examinations yesterday. The doctor recommended that Stephen see a speech therapist, which we expected and are not opposed to. Our doctor had a shocked look on his face when Stephen broke into one of his stories for him.

Stephen and Henry are really starting to grow up together. I’m sure Stephen can’t even remember a time before Henry (I’m not sure that I can either). The other day they played nicely in Stephen’s new play tent for about 25 minutes. Just making each other laugh and racing in and out of the tent. It is really fantastic to see, when it works out nicely.. sometimes, but still rarely, they form a little team and gang up on me.

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