Great Weekend, Progress on the New House

What a great weekend. On Saturday we set up a babysitter trial. We had someone that Jaime works with come over about two hours before the boys’ nap time and we went out and did a lot of errands. We are going to need a babysitter on March 3 when we are attending a concert with Jaime’s parents (our usual babysitters), so we set this up for Saturday as a trial run. It went very well. We arrived home at 3pm to find two sleeping children and one babysitter reading a novel on the playroom floor. We went to four furniture stores looking for dining room tables, and ended up settling on the first one we liked from the first store (that sort of thing seems to happen more often than not, doesn’t it?). We also stopped by the old condo to get a carload of stuff and grabbed lunch at Don Pablo’s.

Yesterday we went bowling for the first time in a long time and Stephen absolutely loved it. It’s so cute to watch him carry his own ball up to the ramp. He doesn’t understand the concept of taking turns and it can get quite exhausting trying to prevent him from constantly carrying his ball up to the lane. He came very close to breaking 100 on the first game. He uses the ramp and the bumpers, but he didn’t receive any help from us.

For a few weeks it seemed like we were lagging with the move and setting everything up, but suddenly here we are, six weeks after the big move date. We have a newly fenced in back yard, we have coverings on all the windows (when we moved we had NONE), we’ve hung up a lot of our art, we’ve purchased a lot of the furniture we needed, and we’re slowly getting organized. I think this method of a gradual move is better in a lot of ways. You’re not pressured to organize everything all at once. You can sit back and see if you like what you’ve done before you proceed. The initial way that you set things up often isn’t the best, and this gives us time to rearrange and think about what we’re doing along the way. I think the next trip to the old condo will be the last time moving stuff. Every week we bring 6-10 more boxes of stuff over here. Now it’s to the point of fairly useless junk that you own but never use.

The dining room table is supposed to get here “sometime in March.” Hopefully by then we’ll be completely ready for it. As of now, the dining room is where we put boxes of stuff and art in the interim. So, in turn, I promise you a video tour of the new house “sometime in March.”

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