Thanksgiving 2011

Henry finally got a tooth–actually three of them. He now eats two tubs of baby food and about 6 Mum Mum crackers a day. So, now that his teeth came busting through, he’s eating more, and he’s nine months old (tomorrow), wouldn’t you think he might be sleeping better? No. But that’s okay, he’s generally pretty happy these days. We’ll take what we can get. He’s just about eliminated “spitting up” from his repertoire, which is very nice for the laundry situation.

Stephen’s development seems to take one step forward and two steps back. His verbalization of letters and words is worse than it was a month ago for sure. Somewhere along the line, every letter became pronounced like the letter T and the word “me” is now pronounced “be.” We call Stephen the fun police nowadays, because he follows Henry around and takes away all of his toys, pulls him away from his activity table, or says “no” (which sounds like doh or dow) to everything he tries to do. It’s fairly annoying, but it’s not mean-spirited or anything and we should be thankful Stephen is such a good and loving big brother.

We packed up the dogs and a lot of stuff and spent two nights at the Youngs’ for Thanksgiving. The first night, both boys slept 11 consecutive hours without making a peep. The next night, Henry was up for maybe 5 or 7 hours when he should have been sleeping. Fortunately he did that on a Thursday night of a four-day weekend, so Jaime had days to recover from that nightmare before returning to to work. Things went very well besides that, though. Good food. Stephen helped make ice cream. I have a couple pictures from Thanksgiving that I need to post, but with packing and doing Christmas stuff and making my annual calendar, I’m a bit behind.

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