Moving, Christmas 2011

Hello? Hello.

Yes, I know. I’ve been neglecting things around here for a long while. I never even posted pictures from Thanksgiving, and now New Years is just around the corner. But I have a bunch of good excuses, I swear. First of all, we moved. Let me rephrase that, we moved quite a bit of stuff. We still have several car loads to schlep from the old house, including my main computer which houses my pictures, my music, etc. Not only that, we closed on the house, my parents visited and helped move, and we spent 5-6 days at my in-laws’ house. We spent several days with no internet whatsoever.

So… 2011 is ending, and boy what a year. My second son was born. My wife and I turned 30. We purchased and moved into a single family home. I deliberately took a six month leave of absence from making/producing/recording music, and my time is almost up on that (January 1). I am getting the itch to make some music!

I haven’t been taking enough pictures, so I don’t have very much to share. Hopefully I can get to my backlog of pictures soon enough. Maybe when we get this place in a little better state, I can record a video tour of the house and post it on here. We are now trying to watch tv via a good old fashioned tv antenna and I am liking it so far. I ordered the leaf plus amplified indoor antenna (which has now been changed to the leaf 50) today. I’ve honestly never seen such a well-reviewed product. The $40 antenna that I have now can pick up all the channels that I need, but I have to adjust it (move it, spin it, fiddle with the antennas) to pick up different channels, and the leaf antenna is supposed to eliminate the need for that. For $80 and no cable bill for life, it’s certainly worth a try.

In our 5-6 day stay at my in-laws’ house, Stephen and Henry got to spend some time with their cousin Finn. Everything went very well with Stephen and Finn. They were pretty funny running around like maniacs. We all went to a big playground in a park less than ten minutes away. It was a nice, big playground and Stephen absolutely loved it. He went down one of the biggest slides I’ve ever seen about 50 times the first day we were there.

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things pretty soon, but I’m not making any promises. I hope your Christmas was as good as ours.

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