Henry’s 9 month Checkup

Henry’s 9month wellness exam was yesterday at 3:20. Everything went well and everyone marveled at how big he is. The nurse said Henry is bigger than her 15month old, and he’s probably bigger than Stephen was at 15months. According to the (highly suspect and most likely inaccurate) height measurement, Henry is only half an inch taller/longer than Stephen was at that age, but Henry is just big–big hands, broad shoulders.

The doctor also ordered an infant anemia test, which requires drawing blood. This was a disaster when Stephen had to go through it, but the Doctor witnessed his own child being butchered since then, so now he gets everyone to go to the hospital to get blood drawn from their nine-month-old. We have to do that some time soon.

Age: 9 months
Weight: 21lbs, 1oz
Height: 29″
Head Circumference: 18″

Related charts, graphs, etc.

Stephen’s 9-month checkup stats.

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