Updates on Last Tuesday’s Post

Wow so, apparently if I want something in my life to get better, I just have to write a long, whining entry on this very blog. One week ago today, I laid out the reasons that it has been pretty tough to be in this house, and within a few days, things seem to have made a drastic change.

Here it is, only November 8th, and I swear Henry looks so much thinner than he did in his Halloween pictures. Suddenly he’s a very tall, skinny boy. He loves to grab on to the couch and pull himself upright. He’s starting to try to climb the stairs. He’s undergone an incredible amount of development in a short period of time. And most importantly, he doesn’t shriek a constant, mind-bending falsetto squeal these days.

Also, in between then and now, our offer on the home was accepted, and the place “passed” the home inspection. I know it’s not a pass/fail inspection, but the house is in pretty good shape and the current owners agreed to fix everything that we listed. There are also some noteworthy things I learned about the house. It uses a well for water; it’s an enclosed steel well about 100ft deep in the front yard. This means we can’t flush the toilets when the power goes out, because we are not attached to a water supply that has constant pressure. The roof was put on in 1999 or 2000 and they wrapped all the wood trim in aluminum, so there’s no exterior painting to do.

Every once in a while, I can’t help but feel like we made a huge mistake. I’m sure everything’s fine, but it all happened so fast. First it was “Yeah, we may look at houses.” Then it was “We’re looking at a few homes this weekend and next.” Then it was “Okay, we bought a house.” I haven’t even walked to the back of the back yard yet, and the house is (probably) ours already. There could be an alligator swamp back there!

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