Moving — Very Early Stages

When I was fifteen, some punishment was handed down that I could not watch TV for a while… maybe a month? That helped me realize that TV is really not worth watching, and I stuck with the no TV thing from ages 15-22. My college roommate and I had a tiny TV with an antenna that only got PBS. I much preferred to use the computer and listen to music anyway. Then I moved in with Jaime, and ever since then, we’ve had cable. TV slowly crept back into my life, as did watching live sports. I now watch maybe ten shows as well as NFL, Tennis, and NBA Playoffs.

I think I’ve convinced Jaime that there are enough alternate ways to watch TV shows (netflix, DVDs, internet), and we are going to see how it goes in the new house with no cable. Theoretically we should still be able to get all the networks and a PBS station with an HDTV antenna. That way Stephen can still watch PBS Kids in the morning and I can still watch the Redskins lose on a weekly basis. It will be really nice to minimize the number of commercials we see; they are so bad!

We’ve started the very beginning stages of packing up our stuff, even though we can’t move any of it for over a month. Jaime’s mom runs the mail room in Jaime’s office, so she gives us all the used boxes of copy paper (about 2-4 boxes per day). These are the sturdy cardboard boxes with a little cardboard top that slides on. No tape required. We close on a Tuesday, so I’m going to bring a carload or two of stuff over every night from Tues to Thurs. Then on Friday we can hopefully get a little U Haul trailer and bring over all of the medium-sized stuff like dressers, TV stands, cribs, bookshelves, and maybe the guest bed. Then the plan is to have some movers bring the biggest items on Saturday. I had already decided that I’m never going to move the piano again and we were going to hire someone to do it, and since I’m going to hire someone to move the piano, I might as well get them to grab the couches, our bed, the elliptical trainer, etc.

A goal of mine for the new house is to not amass too much stuff for it. We have set aside the largest bedroom as the boys’ playroom, so hopefully we can keep most of their stuff in there. The reason that a staged house looks so nice is because there is the least amount of stuff possible in the house. I don’t want it to look like a staged house, but somewhere in between a normal house and a staged house. [By the way, I’m not so sure Jaime shares this goal with me, so we’ll see what happens.]

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