We’ve heard enough about moons and Junes to last a lifetime, but the joke is that some of the old fables about the power of the moon might actually be true.

  • The average menstrual cycle for women is 29.5 days–precisely the same as a lunar month.
  • The human gestation period is 9 months. But whose months? The average birth occurs 265.5 days after conception–which happens to be the exact equivalent of 9 lunar months.
  • More children are born after new and full moons than at any other time.
  • More boys are born after a full moon, and more girls are born after a new moon.
  • People who are experiencing a lot of stress have an increase in pulse rates during a full or new moon.
  • Surgeons have found that around the full or new moons, their patients bleed more.
  • When full and new moons occur, more people are admitted into mental hospitals and hospital emergency rooms are busier.
  • There’s an increase in certain crimes (rape, robbery, assault) during a full moon.
  • “Lunacy” refers to the Roman moon goddess, Luna.
  • In ancient times, people thought that exposure to the moon could “affect the mind.”
  • People were advised not to sleep with moonlight shining on their faces, or they would become “moonstruck” (crazy).
  • The word lunacy (crazy) is probably derived from ancient observations that during a full moon, mad people became more frenzied.
  • The term lunatic fringe was coined by Teddy Roosevelt, who was describing some of his followers in the Bull Moose Party during the 1912 presidential election.

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