Comedian Bob Marley at the DC Improv

We took our first trip to the DC Improv last night with another couple. It was fantastic. We saw Comedian Bob Marley and he killed. Usually in a place like the Improv, you don’t get a set of fully developed material. The comic is working on new material and mixing it with old material–just trying to hone the set to find something that works. This was nothing like that. Every joke was wildly successful and they just kept coming one after the other for an hour. Bob Marley always makes me laugh when he comes on satellite radio’s comedy station(s), but I always thought of him as sort of a gimmicky comedian who talked about being from New England and had a thick Maine accent. I was wrong. He did a pretty wide range of material and all of it was so good. He is scheduled to have a Showtime comedy special this spring, so I’m guessing that we heard a lot of the material for that show.

Then of course we got derailed on the way back and probably added 30mins to the drive home. The inbuilt GPS in our Hyundai is completely useless. Fortunately I knew how to get there without the GPS so we had no problems. But then coming home there was a part where K street split into some weird upper level and lower level nonsense, and we chose the wrong one. The problem with DC is that once you get off of your initial route, you can’t just go around the block and try again like in MOST CITIES. So we basically went on a sightseeing tour of DC. I don’t much mind getting lost on the way home when you have nothing to be late for, but we realized that we forgot to give the Grahams a parking pass for their car and there was a good chance their car would be towed if we got home later than 11pm. So the whole way home there was this tension knowing that the night may have been ruined. We got home at 11:15 and all was well.

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