Tough Week, Great Weekend, Other Stuff

Last week was really rough. Henry is suffering from either sickness, teething, growing pains, or all of the above. A few nights he barely slept. Stephen seems to be sick too. For a couple days he couldn’t get to sleep very well at all because of his stuffy nose. Lots of baby tylenol and children’s benadryl has been administered in this house recently.

It was particularly worrisome because this was the weekend we were supposed to take both of the boys for a night in a hotel in the Baltimore area with my family. It was absurd now much stuff we had to pack for one night in a hotel. Clothes, bathing suits, two playpens, tons of diapers, special swim diapers, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, medicine, the baby monitor, white noise generator, baby cereal, the pump, some extra milk, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things. Everything ended up going very well. We went swimming with both of the boys in an indoor pool. The rooms were very nice and the drive was just over an hour each way from the Youngs’ house. The boys slept in our hotel room; Stephen slept from 8pm-6am and Henry slept from 10pm-6am. Between 8-10pm we looked up vacation homes (for 2012) in my parents’ hotel room while everyone took turns entertaining an overtired Henry.

We woke up on Sunday morning at 6am, took showers, and packed the car. We had a good complimentary breakfast at the hotel and hung out a little more. Everyone had to leave to board the cruise ship between noon and 1pm, but we left at 11am to head back to the Youngs’. We watched the Redskins put together a[n ugly] win and headed home with the dogs. Henry went to sleep at 7pm which meant he got up at 4:30 this morning. Grr..

We switched Stephen’s crib to a day bed and he loves it. He never gets out of the bed until you open his bedroom door, even if he is awake for a while. We kept him caged (cribbed) as long as we could, but he was beginning to escape the crib when I put him in there for a timeout. There would be a huge thud and then he would open his door two seconds later and leave his bedroom, so we figured we had to stop that before he injured himself. I switched the lock around on his door and now I just lock him in his room for a few minutes for a timeout. It’s not a real timeout but it sure does improve his mood!

Stephen loves to take pictures. We don’t let him use my camera yet (not for another ten years hehe), but he loves to use Jaime’s and he understands how it works. He even calls your name before he takes the picture to get you to look at the camera. If you disable the flash, it can entertain him for a long time in a restaurant to take 45 pictures of everyone at the table.

I know I keep saying this, but Henry is about three seconds from crawling. He can sit up in the high chair now and he eats a pretty good-sized dinner most nights. He’s tried carrots, applesauce, peas, and rice crackers.

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