Henry’s Lack of Sleeping, New Years Resolutions

Checking back through this blog’s archives, I see that Stephen slept through the night from the age of 3 or 4 months, with very few exceptions. Henry is now seven and a half months old, and he never sleeps through the night, with very few exceptions. He completely sucks at sleeping and napping. It’s terrible. We sort of knew how spoiled we were with Stephen, but we couldn’t really comprehend it because we had never experienced the other side of it for ourselves. Well, now we know what it’s like to be the parent of a mortal, less-than-angelic child in regards to sleep. It’s terrible. Who wants to wake up every single night for the better part of a year? What’s the point of that? When does it stop?

In addition to that, Henry is generally terrible at napping. At Henry’s current age, Stephen was sleeping ten hours a night and taking two naps a day totaling 3-5 hours. Henry maybe takes 2 hours of naps in a day. One positive is that I can synchronize Henry with Stephen’s once-a-day nap schedule and get some time to myself in the middle of the day (12-2pm maybe). Recently I use this time to make an attempt at napping myself, which is completely wasteful and stupid of me.

Well, football is back, which means I have self-imposed sleep deprivation a couple nights a week. It also means I drink a lot more beer, like a good American. Stupid. I was doing so well, too.

I think I’m going to attempt to not drink any soda–diet or otherwise–for the entirety of 2012. Soda is about as useless as the NFL, so I don’t know why this should be hard. I’ve done well with my 2011 goal, which was to not use any tobacco product of any kind. This included bumming single cigarettes off people or using Steve’s snus. I’ve stuck to it 100%, so it will most likely become permanent. I remember my parents having a conversation with each other when I was younger that New Years resolutions are pointless because one can make positive changes to their lives any day of the year. I have often repeated this cynical notion for most of my life, but I eventually realized that it doesn’t really make sense. You can buy your wife a dozen roses any day of the year too, but you do it on Valentine’s Day because it is the day that you show your love for someone. There are certain days to do certain things; we can’t all do everything on every day. Anything that prompts you to do something beneficial for yourself is, well, a good thing, obviously. I had a couple other ideas of things to do for 2012 but none come to mind at the moment. How about not impregnating my wife? We’ll save that for 2013, hopefully. That’s a good goal.

Recently I’ve come to see the importance of abstaining from things. I don’t think we should have everything that we want simply because we can. It’s important to have rules to live by–things to make us stop and think about the things that we are doing. I made a conscious effort to take six months off from making music in order to get my motivation back. I still have over two months left on that, and I’ve done somewhat well. I haven’t opened Buzz (software) in any of this time. I’ve done some other things to ensure that I don’t get completely out of practice. I used some stretching software to slow some earsauce songs down by a factor of 5-10 times. I took my favorites from that project and am putting together a sort of “aside” album of free music. I should be done with that this weekend.

Anyway, that’s enough stream-of-conscious rambling for now. I just figured I needed some text on here to break up the constant barrage of pictures and videos.

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  1. krystle

    yeah, i remember those days of not sleeping. i think finn started sleeping through the night maybe seven or eight months. henry will get there, i’m sure!

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