earsauce – the glory stole car

This is the album I was talking about the other day. I took a bunch of our songs and ran them through Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch (aka Paulstretch), which can play a song back many times slower than it was originally intended. I took my favorites from that project and remastered them accordingly. That’s tracks 1-5. Track 6 is a song I made by playing around with some hand-tuned wind chimes that Jaime bought me several years ago. The whole thing is free if you care to add it to your iPod or anything. It makes good background music for doing homework or design work or coding or anything like that. Also, we released it with “no rights reserved” so people can use it in their for-profit productions (movies, videos, games, etc). Anyway, enjoy, and don’t forget to relax every once in a while.

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