Stephen’s Pony Ride

Yesterday we headed out to the Bluemont Fair despite cool, rainy conditions. The forecast said it was going to be partly clear skies by 11am, and even though these same forecasters had the current conditions wrong, we just forged ahead. We arrived at 10am to probably the worst rain of the day as we got everything/everyone out of our car and ready to walk around the fair. Henry was completely sheltered from the rain/wind in his stroller and Stephen had a jacket and a hat. I felt kind of foolish as we pushed the stroller through mud to get to the fair entrance, but everything started to clear up within ten minutes. The rain held off enough that your clothes would get dry between the little rain showers. It was pretty good weather, all-in-all and Stephen did a lot of fun stuff. He got an airbrush stenciled “tattoo,” he rode a pony, he got balloons, we all got lunch. We were there about three hours and everyone had fun. Here is a video of the second lap of Stephen’s pony ride. He held on by himself and seemed to enjoy it.

September 17, 2011

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