Recent Goings-On

You just have to love a six-month-old. Henry is a real champ. We never need his car seat anymore (except in the car, of course). We can plop him right in the stroller and he loves it. He looks around until he inevitably falls asleep, at which point we recline the stroller. That massive double stroller is very nicely designed, and it doesn’t weigh so much without the car seat in it.

We went to Sweetwater on Sunday night with Jaime’s parents, and Stephen literally ate until he puked…. at the table. He had a good amount of lobster bisque, a lot of spinach & artichoke dip, and of course, more french fries than he could handle. The puking at the table thing was pretty unfortunate, but my wife’s fast action stopped it from being a complete disaster. He was embarrassed and afraid that it would happen again, but everything ended up being fine.

Yesterday I took both of the boys and both of the dogs on a regular-length walk (30mins) by myself at 5pm. Stephen walked for the last half by himself. I’ve taken everyone for plenty of walks by myself, and Stephen has walked the last half by himself plenty of times, but we’ve never combined the two. I was a bit nervous to let him free without Jaime around, but of course he was just fine. He runs ahead a little and waits to cross the street. He started sniffing the grass a lot yesterday and saying “dog.” He thinks he’s pretty funny.

Stephen has his letters down pat. He definitely knows them all, though he can’t say a handful of them (anything with the ‘ck’ sound is out, as are H, C, W, and S). Everywhere we go, he reads the letters off of street signs, menus, pretty much anything that has letters.

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