Henry’s 6-Month Checkup

Henry went to his six month wellness exam today. He is now off the charts in height and at the 95th percentile for weight. He is catching up to his brother in height and weight (and his brother is 22 months older than him). After we finish this case of diapers, we are just going to move him up to the size of diapers Stephen is wearing. So we’ll have a 7 month old and a 30 month old wearing the same size of diapers.

Age: 6 months, 2 weeks
Length: 29 inches
Weight: 20lbs, 13oz
Head Circum: 17 inches

Related charts, graphs, etc.

Stephen’s six-month checkup stats.

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  1. Martha V
    Martha V09-25-2011

    Wow! Go Henry go!

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