earsauce – “story so far, the” is For Sale!

Okay, I can finally put all this talk of my band’s album to rest, and for that I am sure you are all thankful. For well over a year now, I’ve been incessantly mentioning “the album” and all the work that’s going into it at every different stage. Well, now we’ve taken it as far as we can. The CD itself (hard copy) is for sale many places online and it can be special-ordered in over 2,500 real (as in “brick-and-mortar”) record stores. The .MP3 digital download version can be purchased at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3, Bandcamp, and pretty much anywhere that legally sells music online. It has also been added to most of the streaming music sites (Napster, Rhapsody) as part of their database.

A lot of these .MP3 vendors set their own prices, and not surprisingly, iTunes is the most expensive at ten dollars. The only places that we had direct input in setting up the sales are Bandcamp and CD Baby, and those are each $6 to download the album. If someone downloads the album, we make about five bucks, but if someone buys a CD for almost twice as much, we make a dollar. That’s kind of a shame.

If you just want to listen to the album for free without downloading it, that’s fine too. It’s still available for free listening at Bandcamp. Additionally, if you would like a physical CD (hard copy) for less than $10, just get in touch with me about making a deal. I have a stock of these in my basement, and my cost was much less than $10.

Typically there are at least a hundred people involved in making a record, and we did everything with just the two of us. We wrote, recorded, and produced all the songs. We commissioned the artwork. We made the website. We ordered and stocked the CDs. We set up every detail of the online sales. Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way: this includes people who bought the first incarnation of the album a couple years back, people who contributed artwork for very little pay, and everyone who has given us encouraging words about our music for the past five years. The money we made from selling the first version of the album (released under the title “innovation avenue” and featuring many different songs/mixes than this one) went entirely towards the making/ordering of these CDs and setting up the online sales. We are now broke, but with feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. Thanks again, everyone.

ps–Another good way to help us is to leave a review on iTunes!

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