Virginia Earthquake

Today was the first earthquake I’ve ever felt, and at the time (1:52pm) it was quite scary. The way it slowly and ominously built up. So loud, like the stiffest wind you’ve ever heard. Windows rattling. Dishes rattling in the kitchen. Books falling off the bookshelf. I think it lasted about 30 seconds. All news reports say everything in this area is fine, and I know everything around here is certainly fine. No sirens. No one out in the street or parking lot.


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  1. mv

    That was very scary. I felt like it kept going and going. There are some reports of building damage around here, but nothing major so far … The scariest part was not knowing for sure what it was. No one thinks “earthquake” or at least none of us did. Being next to DC some of us thought it might be a terrorist attack at first :(

  2. mv

    PS What did the boys think of it?

  3. Evan

    both of the boys slept through it, even though at one point i said OH MY GOD and was running to the back door to look outside. dogs were a little freaked out. my mind went a lot of directions, and one of them was the atomic bomb blast traveling across the landscape in Terminator 2, hehehe.

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