Graduating to Multiple Kids

Bill Cosby used to start one of his [many] famous parenting bits with this request: Will all the people in the audience who only have one child please raise their hands? At that point, a certain percentage of the audience raises their hand. He then says You are not parents. You are not a parent until you’ve had your second child.

Now I’m starting to understand what he means, and my children are not even old enough to do the things he was talking about in that routine. For me, having one kid was like having a mischievous little friend. Once the child reached six months old, my routine went back to something that more closely resembled my pre-kids life. Having two kids, however, is like becoming a ringmaster. And just think, my boys aren’t even old enough to bicker yet! Thus begins a long stretch of breaking up fights and trying to figure out who made what mess. Even earlier today, for instance, Stephen was being very good and wanting to read books with me, but Henry had a hurting stomach and screamed bloody murder for about half an hour. As a parent, I am dragged into whoever’s situation is worse at any given time.

It also seems like we are more than twice as busy as before.. like it’s more than double the work even though it’s double the kids. I’m not sure how that is possible, but it seems to be true. And my parents had three kids! My aunt/uncle had five kids! Having kids certainly gives you more respect for your own parents. When my cousin visited for a few days in June, he started off the week saying “You got a pretty good gig, watching the kids.” Then by the end of the week he was saying “HOW COULD YOU HAVE FIVE KIDS AT ONCE?” (like his parents did).

It’s nice to watch my boys becoming friends already. They are so close in age that it’s something different than I had with my brothers. Stephen was trying to teach Henry some letters out of his book yesterday. Not surprisingly, Henry was not very attentive or interested. It’s great to know that Stephen is already a pro at sharing.

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  1. mv

    They are such sweet little boys. Really cute how Stephen shares. Henry is such an adorable baby. I love that look he gets when he starts gnawing on something. It is positively darling!

  2. Evan

    Hehe, I’m glad they were on their best behavior for your visit on Saturday. It was really fun.

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