Summer So Far

For some reason I have been very motivated to keep posting on here even though we have all been sick, my laptop was doused in water, and my parents&brother visited twice. The last two weeks have been quite… uh… eventful, but thankfully we are on the other side of it now. I couldn’t take another day of Stephen’s constantly-running nose or Henry’s unpredictable sleep schedule while they were sick. There were a few days where Henry wouldn’t sleep unless someone was holding him. One day Jaime held him for 7-9 hours throughout the day and then we took turns snuggling him in bed all night so he could sleep. As soon as he started feeling better, we took him to the doctor and he got immunization shots. He spent the rest of Friday acting pathetic.

We went to the Petting Zoo at Frying Pan Park on Saturday. It was a very different experience from the Reston Zoo–mainly because Stephen didn’t get bitten. Also, the Frying Pan Park is completely free. You just kind of walk around and see a bunch of animals up-close. Some you can pet, but there is no feed for sale or anything like that. We saw a gigantic horse born in 1983. He was extremely nice and stuck his monstrous head out so we could all pet him. There are also two large playgrounds there and cheap carousel rides. They give horseback riding lessons in plain sight so you can watch more horses that way if you like.

Stephen has finally learned to stop biting people when he gets upset. But it has led to something else: he bites himself… hard! I find this disturbing even though it is a common response to being frustrated. He has come up with a few labels for things (like his favorite TV show), but mostly he just sits in silence and operates all the electronics in the house. He can use the trackpad on a laptop and choose YouTube videos to watch. He can do pretty much anything on the iPod Touch now, including a perfect drag-and-drop. He knows how to pause and play videos on streaming Netflix, and he can play the next video when one of his episodes ends. He can put a movie into his computer DVD-ROM and play it in Linux Mint.

Henry is much bigger and much happier than Stephen was, though he is a bit more high-maintenance. He smiles and laughs often. He can’t roll over yet, but he can turn himself around on the floor (meaning if you set him down on his back with his legs facing west, he can orient himself to be lying on his back with his legs facing east). It really sucks that him having a bad day makes everyone have a bad day. Yesterday he ate all day and didn’t take one nap. Everyone suffers during a day like that–the dogs don’t get any walks, Stephen doesn’t get enough attention, and I just plain hate my life.

It’ll be a while until we can sort of get our life back in order. It took until Stephen was over a year old before I could start making dinners before Jaime got home from work and do those sorts of everyday activities. Now Jaime gets home from work later and we go to bed earlier. The nights seem like they are five minutes.

I have committed to not produce or record any new music for the rest of 2011. I’m going to use that “free time” to get practiced up on the guitar so I can play out when the opportunity presents itself. I think Steve’s band is slowly dissolving so he is looking to get some gigs with me. If he handles all that part of it, I can just show up and sing pretty (hopefully) and put some of the money into the earsauce fund. Speaking of that, we are going to spend the $250 that we already have in the earsauce fund to get some CDs made, get on iTunes, and keep a stock of CDs at CDBaby. Steve thinks he can sell some at the winery where he works and we plan to give a lot away also.

ps–I let my laptop dry out for over a week and it works.

pps–We waited until 2011 to get a HD television and I think we were about 5 years too soon. I hate nearly everything about this TV. I hate how it takes over a minute to turn on. I hate how it ignores every button on the remote for even longer. I hate how non-HD channels look so awful and some channels are not available in HD. Why did we need this, again?

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