First Day of the New (New New) Routine

Well, Jaime went back to work today. Henry has really gotten a lot easier in the past six weeks. He only wakes up once at night. Our vacation went off with barely a hitch. We put Henry’s pack’n’play in the walk-in closet in our master suite and Stephen slept in another room.

Stephen hit all the physical-based milestones very early, but he hits the social milestones late. That is becoming quite obvious as we watch Henry grow. He already smiles and laughs more than Stephen did. You can make him smile at will by making funny faces and sounds (something that never happened with Stephen until he was well over a year old).

Their naps were synchronized for a few days. On Monday, they both slept for over three hours at the same time. I need to work towards that as a goal. Honestly, I can only realistically expect their naps to overlap for about an hour a day. Even that would be very helpful.

It seems like a while since we had Henry. I for one never understand how people say “time flies.” To me, it seems like we’ve had Henry for a lot more than twelve weeks. Even if I think back to ten years ago when I first moved to Athens, it seems like… well, about ten years ago. Everyone keeps saying things like “Stephen will be in school before you know it,” and I can’t help but think “No, Stephen will go to school in about three years.” I think a lot of it is that most people idealize the past. It’s more like they wish they remembered highschool like it was yesterday. For me, there are no glory years. My life right now is as good as my life has ever been, and why shouldn’t it be? You get older, you get wiser, you get a better perspective on life. (It helps that we are leading a charmed life and we have two healthy boys.)

I started a song yesterday using only the violin. Now, I can’t play the violin at all–and I’m not just being modest. I just played for about 40 seconds, pretending that I knew what I was doing even though it sounded awful. Then I took that recording and autotuned it. If it works for people who can’t hit a note with their vocal cords, it must work for people who can’t hit a note on violin. I didn’t even tune the violin since I knew I was going to autotune it. Then I split the recording up into about 50 samples and re-arranged them to make the outline of a song. The technique worked. I hope to work on that song a little bit today. What I really should do is clean this house! Maybe I can clean the house while the boys are awake and work on the song when they nap? Who knows, this is all a brand new routine for me.

Wish me luck!

7pm Edit: Today went extremely well. The boys napped for a combined 9.5 hours, and they slept for three hours at the same time in the early afternoon. Stephen behaved very well and Henry didn’t spit up one time all day. It was great. If every day were like this, I’d be set.

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  1. mv

    I’m glad your first day went smoothly!

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