A Very Active Week

Yes, I know. I have neglected this whole blogwebsitething. I have been busy. On Monday, I picked up my cousin Sean off the Appalachian Trail. He is through-hiking the entire thing (1900 miles) in five months. Ashby Gap is very close to the halfway point, so I picked him up and gave him a place to stay for two nights. He also went to a on-call Doctor and got a physical that is required for the new school he’ll be attending this Fall. It was a good visit. I dropped him off at about 8:30pm on Wednesday night. He only had three miles to go until the next shelter, so he wanted to get there Wednesday night. I took Stephen to pick Sean up and drop him off, and he was very good for both drives.

Yesterday I helped Steve move. All in all, it was pretty easy. Going from one rented room to another usually doesn’t involve moving too much crap. Seemed like I hadn’t even seen Steve in months, and I think that’s actually true.

Stephen was so good at music class last week. He played, he jumped, he danced, he interacted with other kids.. he even led the train (conga line) that we formed and danced around the class. Hopefully this morning is a repeat of that.

I’ve been watching both boys every day for a week and a half now, and it has gone very well. Surprisingly easy. The “new baby” blues have already worn off. For a little bit, I was adamantly opposed to us having another child, but how quickly one forgets! Henry is barely three months old and I find myself going “we should do this again. it’ll be fun.” Honestly I’m pushing for an adoption, because the thing I most dread about this process is another one of my wife’s pregnancies. That whole thing just sucks for me. Constant whining, snoring, and general helplessness. Taking care of my wife when she’s pregnant is way more work than taking care of both of my toddlers.

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  1. Jaime

    hey, i resent those remarks! :)

  2. Steve

    haha to Jaime.

    Also, thanks for your help moving. It was a huge help…it would have een super hard to do it without you. My TV is triffling.


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