Vacation–2011 Edition

Well, our vacation is wrapping up. It was a good time. Stephen turned two. Different members of our extended family came and went. We took Stephen fishing in a pond stocked with rainbow trout. We’re at a fairly secluded cabin on the top of a mountain (the drive up here is harrowing). It’s a ski resort, so the summer prices are actually the cheapest.

When we walked into the house, we immediately said “the pictures of this place on the website do not do it justice.” That’s the same thing we said about our last vacation home. This place has all brand new appliances/furniture. There are even high-efficiency washer/dryer units.

Throughout the course of the week, seventeen people came and went, with a staple of about ten of us. At one point, Stephen was sleeping in a room with my aunt and cousin. Everything went very well considering all the chaos that could have ensued. My cousin’s daughter was here for a couple of days (she turns three in July) and she and Stephen played very nicely together. It’s funny that even at the top of a mountain, we expect internet and they provide it.

The weather has been perfect every second of every day. We saw the greatest lightning the other night. I saw a doe cross about 30 yards behind the house at dusk today.

Good times. Another successful vacation.

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