Two Kids Under Two (Not For Long!)

Stephen injures himself almost daily. He is so fast and reckless that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with him. It’s all the typical things: he doesn’t look where he’s going and he goes there too fast. If he manages not to injure himself in the next few days, his face may be free of bruises, scratches, and scabs for the first time in over a month. His legs, however, always have at least one bruise somewhere on them. He had his first big public tantrum at Toys R Us this week. We went there specifically to buy him birthday presents (lots of little stuff plus a Radio Flyer tricycle) and he threw an awful tantrum. After a little of it, I picked him up and carried him towards the checkout and he was really trying to injure me the whole time. Biting, hitting, kicking. It used to be that he was too shy to really flip out in public or in front of his grandparents. I think that time is ending.

He is learning more every day. I have about 50 kids apps (actually I just counted and it’s 82 kids apps) on my iPod touch, and he is getting quite good at using it. He won’t watch TV, but he can play with the iPod for 30 minutes or more without looking up. He understands how to navigate all around the iPod. He can kill whatever app is running and get back to the home screen, navigate through the folders and choose what he wants. There are animal flash cards (loves those), interactive books, and music apps. The Mulligans gave me a $25 iTunes gift card for my birthday and I quickly spent it all on stuff for Stephen. I also took a chance and spent five dollars on a synthesizer app and it’s really powerful and fun.

I was kind of worried that a lot of Henry’s early developments wouldn’t seem as special as the first time around with Stephen. Let’s face it, most of the very early developments in life are only interesting to the close family members. It’s things like being able to look around or being able to reach out and touch your face. But I can say with assurance that it is just as special and interesting the second time around. My wife and I sit around and agree how cute Henry is and marvel at every little turn of his head or movement of his legs.

About a week ago, we (Jaime) applied to refinance our home mortgage. We could potentially take our mortgage payment down to $650/month (it’s currently almost $1300). There are the typical downsides of having to pay a few thousand in closing costs and re-extending the mortgage to fifteen years from now. We are trying to finagle moving into a single-family home sometime in the next 12-18 months. If we got this mortgage payment down that low, then we could turn a handsome monthly profit on renting out our current place.

Jaime and I both turned 30 in the past two weeks, and Stephen turns 2 one week from today. We are going to celebrate on vacation with all of Stephen’s grandparents (and most of his great grandparents) present. Vacation is quite soon. The place is pretty close to our house and Henry has settled down quite a bit in the past few weeks, so there isn’t too much to worry about. It’s nice. But then, as soon as we get back from vacation, Jaime starts work. That’s our next major adjustment.

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