This Day In History

On May 4 of these years, history was made.

1494: Christopher Columbus lands in Jamaica.
1776: Rhode Island becomes the first American colony to declare independence from Britain.
1862: Battle of Yorktown ends.
1871: First professional league baseball game is played.
1886: Haymarket Square Riot takes place in Chicago.
1904: Construction begins on the Panama Canal.
1932: Al Capone begins 11 year prison sentence for tax evasion.
1946: End of the Battle of Alcatraz.
1949: Superga Air Disaster.
1970: Kent State Shootings.

Audrey Hepburn – 1929
Lance Bass – 1979
Hosni Mubarak – 1928
Randy Travis – 1959
Erin Andrews – 1978
Prince Henrik of Denmark – 2009

And, most importantly, I was born on this day in 1981 (that’s 30 years ago in case you are bad at math). Happy birthday to me. May 04, 2011.

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  1. mv

    happy birthday evan!

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