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I keep forgetting to mention that earsauce is on this compilation: Independent music for Japan. You make a donation (minimum €1 EUR) in order to download the compilation and all proceeds are donated to Save the Children. There is no overhead with a release like this, so 100% of anything you donate will go to the charity.

Also, on a personal level, I just made this song with my friend Adam. I think we worked well together on this one. To put it in perspective, this was all made in the past two weeks. So, while I’m constantly complaining about how much work Henry is and how I have no free time, I obviously have time enough to do some things that I want. This song is called “Mulholland Funk” and it’s pretty middle-of-the road as far as electronic stuff goes. It’s easy-going and accessible.

mulholland funk (with adm†) by evan valentine

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