Henry’s 2-Month Checkup

Well well. We suspected Henry was a big baby, but it’s hard to tell without the proper measurements. Jaime took him to his 2month checkup yesterday and he was 15lbs, 110z. He’s closing in on doubling his birth weight at two months old (that usually happens between 4-6 months). That weight at his age (9.5weeks) puts him in the “97th plus percentile.” Basically, he’s off the charts.

Age: 9.5 weeks
Weight: 15lbs, 11oz
Height: 24″
Head Circum: 16″

Related charts, graphs, etc.

To put Henry’s weight in perspective, Stephen weighed 16lb 11oz at his 6month checkup. Henry’s visit to the doctor yesterday also meant that he got a lot of shots. He did not do too well with them, he had some major pain issues between 5-10pm. Overall, things seem to be going well. I can’t believe our vacation is in nine days.

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