Henry 8 weeks

Henry will be eight weeks old tomorrow, and things have been a bit better around here. We must be feeling confident if we went to the zoo on Friday and went out to dinner last night. Most nights, Henry wakes up once around 3am to get changed and fed. We’ve moved him to his own crib in his own room and it has worked out very well. I’ve been taking it for granted already, staying up late every night to watch the NBA playoffs. We sleep with our door open and Henry’s door open. That way we can hear him without a baby monitor and we don’t have to worry about where the dogs are anymore. We prefer to sleep with our door open and the dogs like the freedom. We’ve been closing the door because Henry was crying all night for the first six weeks and we wanted to minimize what Stephen could hear from his room.

Today, however, was horrible. Stephen woke up with a dirty diaper that was quite old (it could have been as old as 11 hours.. that’s how long he slept). He had awful diaper rash and he squealed in pain every time you wiped him with a wipe. Eventually he dreaded diaper changes so much that the anticipation was worse than the changing. Henry was constantly crying and wanting his mother to feed him (growth spurt probably). All in all it was a pretty tough day, but Stephen and I went and got groceries at least. Somehow the total was over $190 today at the grocery. Ouch. It was just one of those days where you need everything that you rarely buy. Ketchup, ranch, disposable razors, vitamins, seasoning, etc. Periodic expenses all piling up at once.

This month is going to fly by. Our immediate family has three birthdays this month and we have a week-long vacation at the end of this month. Jaime returns to work May 31. Scary for me to even think about right now.

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