Seven Weeks In

Henry is seven weeks old today. I think I can look back on this seven weeks and objectively say “that sucked.” Looking forward, however, things seem to be getting better. He’s been sleeping well at night for the past 3 or 4 days, waking up only once each night. We may try to put him in his crib soon. Still spitting up an awful lot. I’m washing all of his clothes and blankets every 36 hours. I don’t expect things to get better overnight, but we are at least making progress now. The end is in sight.

It looks like Henry is going to be a lot fatter of a baby than Stephen. You never know this early in the game, but he is growing so fast. He seems to get/need/want a lot more food from my wife, and that has been part of the difficulty with him thus far. When the Mulligans were here, Henry’s 0-3 month outfits were way too big for him. Twenty days later, he has outgrown them completely and we have put them all away into rubbermaid bins for storage. I can’t believe it.

I replaced the garbage disposal a couple months back and it’s had some intermittent leaks. I finally took everything out of the cupboard tonight and tried to get it to leak. I think I found the circumstance that makes it leak. I disconnected and reconnected all the PVC drain connections, making sure they were tight and straight. I think I fixed it, but I’m going to leave it empty under the sink so everything can dry out before I test it again tomorrow.

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