Newborn Care (Arg!)

Henry is three weeks old today. Now we know what it’s like to have a normal newborn around the house. Stephen always slept 4-5 hours without waking, even when he was only a couple of weeks old. Henry sleeps about 90 minutes before waking up. We always knew Stephen was a super baby, but I don’t think we realized just how spoiled we were. We keep going to bed earlier and earlier every night (last night was before 8:30) in anticipation of not sleeping. The result: it doesn’t help. Even when he’s sleeping, Henry is loud enough to disrupt sleeping patterns. He is always honking, breathing heavily, waking up temporarily, and smacking the side of his cradle.

If Jaime wasn’t off work for three months, I don’t know how Stephen and I would cope. As it stands, I pretty much take care of Stephen from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed. If Jaime were at work, Stephen would be seriously starved for attention. He is also in the middle of a pretty bad time where he tries to misbehave almost constantly and anything you say to him triggers a massive tantrum. He is a one man prison riot–kicks, bites, spits, screams, pinches.

I woke up today not wanting to face the day. Too cold for the playground. The playground is about the only real distraction for Stephen. He isn’t paying much attention to the TV yet. I know it seems lame to complain about having to watch my own child for every waking second, but I wish he could watch TV for an hour here and there! I can’t leave Stephen with Jaime for even a second, because she can not lift him in her post-surgery state. Even going to the drugstore to pick up some milk requires a bit of planning.

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