Recap of Early 2011

January 08, 2011

Stephen is quite insistent on going up and down the stairs “like a big kid.” Trying to stop him just results in tantrums, so we usually just let him and stand nearby to catch him. He goes down the stairs in our home front-first while reaching up to hold the railing. It’s a pretty nerve-wracking experience even though he has proven to be quite adept at it.

He is showing a little more interest in television/movies recently. He crawls up on the couch to watch a few minutes of a PBS Kids show while he drinks his juice. In the afternoon, once the kids programming is over, he starts bringing me the remote control right after he wakes up from his nap. Then, as soon as I put on one of his shows (via Instant Netflix), he walks away satisfied. He pays little or no attention to the entire episode as it runs, but as soon as it ends he brings me the remote again. I don’t quite get it.

He has shown little-to-no improvement in the area of speech and this is causing a lot more tantrums. It must be pretty hard for a little guy who can’t speak and doesn’t know all the house rules yet. All of his “I want ” is boiled down to one whine sound that is sometimes accompanied by pointing. Some stuff is easy like “I want my crayons off the shelf” or “I want you to lift me up,” but most of the time we are just confused. This leads to anger–and lots of it. This is the part that has gotten much much worse in the past three months. He kicks, spits, slaps, throws, bites… all on purpose, and all in anger. He will run by the coffee table and purposely knock every single thing on the floor when he is mad. Then he looks up at you like “There!” Sometimes this happens only a few times in a day… sometimes 40 or 50.

All in all, we have been really busy. We have been painting walls and assembling furniture for what seems like forever. We are finally getting ahead of the workload. We were able to open Stephen’s last Christmas present yesterday because we finally have room to use it. That was a good sign.

I have fallen off the wagon with this blog, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to climb back on board anytime soon. I haven’t been taking any pictures since we got back from Christmas. Hopefully I can put together some decent wide-angle shots of our newly refinished rooms.

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