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I have a plugin called “Broken Link Checker.” It periodically checks every link I’ve ever posted on this blog (currently 1481 unique URLs in 1827 links) and makes sure they are still active. It works very well and is very easy to use. But here is what it has taught me: the internet is nearly worthless for any sort of long-term archives. Everything is so fleeting–links are constantly going bad or getting moved on me. Pages are [re]moved, Wikipedia articles are deleted, hotlinks are disabled, all of that. I have learned a lot more about Wikipedia’s standards and practices through this whole thing; every time an article is deleted there is a record of the conversation that led to its deletion.

The sunrises of early Winter are always very pretty in this area. There’s only one problem… I can’t see them. Whenever I would take the dogs out at 7am in December, there was usually evidence of a nice sunrise but you couldn’t really see it. It made me think of Colorado, where you could see into the distance in virtually every direction. I know I said that I didn’t like the landscape of Colorado, and it’s true, but I bet you get to see some nice sunrises/sunsets.

We have been busy bees in this house. Lots of preparation for Henry (who is due March 21). I find it much less stressful than last time, and we are more prepared this time. For over a month, we had one or two rooms out of commission in this house due to construction or painting or both. On top of that, we had a lot of large boxes of unassembled baby furniture, with nowhere to assemble it. It was quite a mess, but we are finally getting ahead of it. It is such a relief to have all the paint cans and painting supplies put away.

Stephen has suddenly gotten much better at eating all kinds of food. It was almost overnight. He eats a bowl of cereal & milk for breakfast. He almost understands the rules about lollipops by now (don’t touch the sticky part with your hand, don’t set it down on the table). He uses adult-sized spoons and forks. He still has trouble with his straw cups; he tips them back like a sippy cup. Fortunately his straw cups are covered and watertight, because he usually just throws his head back to try to drink out of one. We got him a “play kitchen” for Christmas. We didn’t have room until about two weeks ago to assemble it and put it in his room. He loves it. It’s amazing the amount of stuff he picks up on, and he can do all the “pretend” cooking/eating with me. He makes a beeeeeeep sound before he pulls something out of the microwave or oven, he uses a fork and bowl and makes little munching sounds while he pretends to eat. You can say “can you put the pizza in the oven” and he’ll put it in, wait a few seconds, and make a beeeeeeeep sound before pulling it out and serving it to me. He can also clean the whole thing up by himself (if he is in the mood).

I have been remixing the first album I ever completed–an ambient album written and produced between 1998-2002. I always just kept it on the shelf (so to speak) because it needed a lot of work. I was actually saving it to get professionally mastered when I could afford it, but now I’m attempting to do it myself. I’ve been spending so much time with the band stuff that suddenly it’s been three years since I’ve had a solo release. I found a good ambient netlabel and sent them my “demo submission” yesterday. Fun, fun.

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