Finding His Stool to Turn on the Light

I took this video about an hour ago. I had to lure him away so I could hide his stool. He gets distracted by trying to put the “sticker” (actually masking tape) on the lampshade, but he remembers the task at hand without any reminding. Since he is slow to make any progress with his words, we have been concentrating on other things. I taught him the difference between saying something in a high-pitched voice and saying something in his regular voice. Also we have been working on sound effects (animal sounds, household sounds) since he seems to be able to reproduce those. We are going through his alphabet book and teaching him what all the items are. There are three items per letter, but he has the first 5 or 6 down. He can do some of the sounds on his own.. some better than others. As long as it doesn’t involve talking, it seems to come easily to him.

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