Christmas 2010

Well, I scheduled some photos to post during my vacation, thinking that I would return home and resume posting. I haven’t even transferred the images off my memory card yet. I came home only to have a three-day coughing fit (otherwise known as a cold) and now our router has died. It makes a buzzing/grinding sound every once in a while. After Stephen wakes up from his nap, we will head down to Best Buy to pick up a new wireless router. The cost isn’t a problem; populating the MAC address list is the hard part (my alternative to using a password-enabled WEP or WPA network). For now I’m just typing up a draft in word processing software. A computer is pretty worthless without the internet, but at least you can still do word processing.

We had a great Christmas trip. We made both drives (600 miles each way) in one day each. No staying in hotels. It took ten hours each way. I learned something on this trip. The most important factor when driving long distances is traffic. I have always had the mentality of driving “straight through,” only stopping to get gas. Well, this trip was different. with a 19-month old son and a pregnant wife in the car, we made several more stops than I normally would have. We ate inside McDonald’s and we stopped at several rest areas to stretch our legs. Even still, the trip to my parents’ house (which normally takes ten or ten-and-a-half hours) only took ten hours. We did not hit any traffic in either direction; it was really nice. Even if you stop a lot, a stop can only take 45 minutes or an hour at the most, but traffic can hold you up for much longer than that.

We did a lot of visiting and relaxing at my parents’ house. We even went to see the Coen Brothers’ remake of True Grit (which was excellent). We all made out like bandits regarding gift-getting. My highlight was an iPod Touch 4. It is a ton of fun and I have put six screens full of free apps on it. Someday I might even load some mp3s on to the thing.

Okay, I’m going to wrap this up and resume posting pictures.

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  1. Steve

    Wow…I remember you talking about how you’ll probably never use an Ipod. But we all change. BTW – finally got that black Razr Jaime gave me a few years ago unlocked. I’m still on track to never purchase a phone again.

    BTW – I for some reason have a wireless router in my office that no one would miss. Linksys.

  2. Evan

    well i really wanted an iphone, not an ipod, but i was trying to avoid the $20/month recurring charge. hence the ipod touch. not sure if i’m going to put any music on it.

  3. mv

    I don’t have an ipod either and can’t see myself using one anytime in the foreseeable future :)

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