Sesame Street Has Become Self-Aware

There is an extremely persistent rumor (among people who don’t watch Sesame Street) that Cookie Monster has been renamed “Veggie Monster” in an attempt to teach children about eating healthy. Another version of the rumor states that Cookie Monster is going to be removed from the show entirely. This rumor is so persistent that there has actually been a backlash against the supposed renaming of the beloved puppet character. People see it as an example of politically correctness gone awry.

Here the rumor is addressed on This explanation includes the official response from PBS regarding the rumors and the large volume of mail they received as a result.

On the episode of Sesame Street that aired today, Chris (the main human character on the show in recent years) convinced Cookie Monster to eat some vegetables by pretending they were cookies. After Cookie ate all of his vegetables, they had this hilarious tongue-in-cheek conversation:

Cookie: But remember, me not “Veggie Monster.” Me still Cookie Monster!
Chris: Right, right.
Cookie: Just for record.
Chris: Okay, Cookie.
Cookie: Me have reputation to think of.
Chris: Okay, okay.

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  1. mv

    Ha ha ha! That’s so funny. That reminds me, it’s time to watch “Christmas Eve on Sesame Street” :) Stephen would probably love that movie. Cookie Monster features prominently in it, too!

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