First Hair Cut

We’ve been meaning to get Stephen’s hair cut since he turned one. It didn’t help that everyone in our extended families told us that “He looks fine! We love it when our grandson looks like a girl!” Okay, I’m paraphrasing. You can see below that it’s not overly long, really, he just has a lot of wings. His hair started out so thin, maybe it’s a good thing we waited until now.


So anyway, we scoped out a kids hair-cutting place at our mall a while back ($12 for a boy’s cut). Well, it only took us six months to get down there. We had some plans fall through on Saturday and decided to use the time to get Stephen’s hair cut. When we checked the hours of the place, we were surprised to notice that they were open until 9:30pm! We headed down there in the late afternoon.

As crappy as it is, I love our local mall (what kind of mall has both a Target and a Wal Mart inside it, anyway?) It’s so close and parking is easy! We parked and strolled in. Stephen immediately was placed in a chair that looked like a little car (with a free-spinning steering wheel) and the lady put Elmo’s World on the TV. They still had a large collection of VHS stuff at this place. I got a kick out of that. He was very good while she cut his hair. Jaime got a few locks in a ziplock bag and then she pulled out the electric clippers. The whole experience didn’t take long at all; we were out of there in no time.


The changes are pretty subtle in the front, but in the back, he looks completely different. Good job, asian lady at the hair cuttery place!

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